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Tips to Deal With Stress (cara menhadapi stress)

arwa(arif walid) Rabu, 03 November 2010
So here are our 6 Tips to How you can deal with Stress and get rid of it
1. Relax: Learn how to relax. Relaxation is very important to fight stress. You can use different methods to relax. You can use deep breathing exercises. These exercises are very important and effective for relaxation. You can close your eyes and concentrate on the breathing. Take deep breath for 15-20 minutes every day. Focus on your breathing during this time. Keep your mind free of any thoughts.
2. Remove bad thoughts – Just remove every bad thought from your mind. Tell your mind to relax. You can order your subconscious mind to relax. It will obey you. Keep thoughts away from your mind. Let it be free for some time every day. This is helpful to relax. Your thoughts are cause of your concern, so when you keep them away, you can really relax.
3. Regular Exercise – Exercise helps in relaxing. A regular exercise will ensure that you do not have any health related problem. Regular exercise makes you healthy. A healthy body helps in keeping your mind healthy and strong. It reduces the problems of the body and so you are more relaxed. Exercise may be anything. Even a brisk walk of 30 minutes can do wonders. Make it a regular habit. Everyday 15-30 minutes will be enough for you to fight stress. Keep yourself fit to fight stress.
4. Do yoga to remove stress - Yoga is a wonderful method to fight stress. Yoga methods help in relaxation and fighting stress. Learn the yoga postures that help in fighting stress. Practice yoga when you get time. The best time may be the morning. Select your best time and follow the regime regularly. Ask the experts about the methods and postures to follow.
5. Use audio Tapes/Music - Audio tapes/Music may be another way to fight stress. There are different audio tapes available which can help you fight stress. These audio tapes contain musical instruments, natural sounds or soft music. They help in relaxation and fighting stress. Use them regularly when you feel stressed. I love Enya's songs to relax myself :)
6. Proper Food and Diet– Food is another way to fight stress. Different types of foods help in fighting stress. Food helps in two ways. First it keeps your body healthy and so you can fight diseases and other problems. Secondly it helps in keeping your body and mind full and satisfied. Hunger can be another stress to you. Different foods carry various ingredients, which keep the elements of stress at bay. So eat healthy food and eat at time.

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