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Google's Newest Technology, Translating Foreign Language Through Photos(Teknologi Terbaru Google, Menerjemahkan Bahasa Asing Lewat Foto)

arwa(arif walid) Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010
google googles is a new application that can be used in mobile phones with Android system.
Goggles application can even do a search (Google Search) based on images and not words, for example, then you're a trip to San Francisco and see the Golden Gate Bridge at which time you forget his name, simply by taking a photo the bridge and click " search ", Google Search will automatically find drawings or photos.
And this time Google has also developed technology that. Applications Goggles not only can be used to identify a picture or photo of a building (landmark) but also capable of translating foreign language. This application works by using Google's machine translation technology and the ability of photo identification.
So, if the time users find foreign-language text, aiming his camera he lived to the text. Just in seconds, Google Goggles will translate it from earlier shots.
"This prototype connect your camera phone with optical character recognition (OCR) to translate the image into the text translation in 52 languages are supported by Google Translate," explains Google. But unfortunately, for now, the new application provides German-English translation.
So .. we expect only Indonesian translator hopefully soon be available in the application, will become increasingly easier for us when reading foreign language books. They were lucky, our nation is also becoming more clever: D

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