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Your Life Has A Purpose (hidup anda memiliki tujuan)

arwa(arif walid) Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010
Life has meaning; your life has meaning. You are reading this, considering options before you for a reason. You are living in this time, in this place, and facing the circumstances you now confront to realize a purpose. That purpose may to you seem ill-defined, but is in reality a truly divine mission for being.

The meaning of life is beautiful in its simplicity, rich in its diversity, magnificent in its harmony. Yet you often miss the beauty, the richness, the magnificence. The meaning of life is lost when events sweep you up and consume your consciousness. It is then that the lifeline, the link, between flesh and spirit is severed. You lose perspective, you lose confidence, you lose power when you, the observer, become attached to, one with, dependent on, the observed.

The purpose of life is to be — to journey, to experience. The journey is a dream; separation from God an illusion. Each life gives the whole an opportunity to explore and experience part. You are in the Garden of Eden. You are in the ultimate playground, immersed in a landscape, part and parcel of a splendid collage. All that is has meaning in being — a cosmic purpose concealed in the apparent complexity of this earthly environment. The culmination of the grand design is achieved, made possible, by small, obscure but nonetheless important contributions.

The world has a purpose and you have a place in the majesty - a place wholly and solely reserved for you. You are a critical component of the symphony of life. Without you to play your note, make an instrument sing, the masterpiece is incomplete - less rich, less textured, less full and less fulfilling for everyone.

Your reason for being — to play your note — conforms to a greater purpose. This complex of seemingly disconnected, and what may appear to be, conflicting or contradictory purposes together weaves an extraordinary tapestry. Your life, individually, holds meaning for the whole. Your life is a gift of possibility to express. Your contribution is your gift for the opportunity.

Purpose unfolds in both simple and wondrous ways. Realize your life is meant for more than the drama of mundane, everyday existence. For when you awaken from the slumber revelation gives you a glimpse of a glorious vista, a celestial landscape - a divine plan.

As obscure and insignificant as meaning seems at times, the distance from fragile form, inept intellect, and pliable will to pure joy, divine love, and ultimate fulfillment is the width and breadth of a mistaken perception. You have a purpose to fulfill. Accept your purpose. Embrace your mission. Meet your destiny joyfully.

You exist in a dualistic nature making life appear to be a paradox, wrapped in an enigma, flirting with an oxymoron. At times you, like everyone, get caught up as puppets on a string, lost amongst shadows vainly interpreting reflections on a wall. When you succumb to fear you hide from the light of revelation, you forget you are so much more than you seem.

In this world of form, as creation, you sometimes lack understanding. Don't grovel over the indulgences of self-interest. You need not compete to succeed, nor to survive. The truth is, you need only guide your life by the gift of grace.

Forces beyond your awareness are guiding you to fulfill your purpose. Continue your journey with a faith that knows in the end, it will be all right. Fulfill your reason for being - achieve your life's purpose. For we are all counting on you.

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