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SIX THINGS THAT DIFFICULT WERE DICTATED A MAN (enam hal yang sulit di ungkapkan pria)

arwa(arif walid) Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Learn six things difficult to express a man when in certain situations.
1. "I love you"
Sounds cliche, but most men would feel restless and find it difficult to express the sentence. By saying the sentence was, heart pounding usually accompanied by sweaty hands. Men would feel fear of rejection. So, do not be surprised if you see a man face look red when expressed feelings of love in women incarannya.
2. "This relationship is not going well"
Men usually be avoided when her partner began to discuss the continuation of the relationship, especially when the relationship is not going well. Men also do not like to see a woman crying in front of him because they do not want to be the one who sinned. To avoid this, they usually choose to be annoying, and waited until her partner signed off.
3. "Clothing is not good for you"
Men would be difficult to tell the truth if asked about her appearance. If a woman asked for opinions about the appearance, he certainly would be difficult to say "outfit was not good for you". Men will be more "safe search" by saying "good" or "good one".
4. "I need space"
There are times when someone takes time for yourself. For men, if he wants to spend time alone without a partner, it takes great courage to express it. They do not want to hurt their partners when they want to be alone for a while. If men never reveal this, so he could perform certain tricks such as by reason of any overtime or work outside the city.
5. "I do not like hanging out with your friends"
Most men do not like hanging out with female friends partner. If indeed 'forced' to meet, they will be more quiet and looks clumsy. The atmosphere is really not convenient for him. Not because he does not like your friends, but because the chat would be less disconnected.
6. "Yeah, you're right"
Male ego is so big would go down if he admitted that your opinion is correct. When the clash of arguments and facts show you were right and he is wrong, it will be difficult to admit. In such a situation most men would choose to remain silent.

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